75 years of LSD: Where does the journey lead?
An anniversary event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the discovery of LSD

The congress in Basel is already sold out – we invite you to Berlin on 19th of April.
We will broadcast the congress from Basel to Berlin live and expect about 300 guests. There is a framework program with Hofmann Lunch, psychedelic art, dance and you can get to know networks and new psychonauts in the breaks and in the evening!

The tickets cost until 30.3. 17, – € and from 1.4. 25, – €
Please book now – this is cheaper and helps us plan.
You want to help us to get the LSD birthday on the stage in the best quality and beauty? Become a sponsor and buy a support ticket for 200, – €!

Markus Berger (DE), ethnobotanist, drug researcher, author
Mathias Bröckers (DE), bestselling author, journalist
Hans Cousto (DE), author, drug policy activist and music researcher
Rick Doblin (USA), Founder and President of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)
Simon Duttwyler (CH), Professor of Chemistry, grandson of Albert Hofmann
Günter Engel (DE), chemist at Sandoz, publisher of the Festschrift Grenzgänge
Amanda Feilding (UK), consciousness researcher, founder and director of the Beckley Foundation
Peter Gasser (CH), Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, President of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy (SÄPT), Head of LSD Studies in Switzerland
Stanislav Grof (USA), psychiatrist, consciousness researcher, founder of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA), winner of the 2007 Dagmar Award and Vaclav Havel Foundation “Vice 97”
Andreas Hofmann (CH), architect, son of Albert Hofmann
Matthias Liechti (CH), physician, head of several clinical LSD researches in Basel
Roger Liggenstorfer (CH), director of Nachtschatten Verlag, co-founder of various drug policy organizations and initiatives
Claudia Müller-Ebeling (DE), art historian, ethnologist, author
Béatrice Nabholz (CH), veterinarian, daughter of Albert Hofmann
Vanja Palmers (CH), Zen Priest, animal welfare activist, promoter of psychedelic research, co-founder of the Meditation Center Felsentor
Torsten Passie (DE), scientist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Member of the faculty of the Hannover Medical School.
Christian Rätsch (DE), ethnologist, ethnopharmacologist, author of the standard work “Encyclopedia of psychoactive plants”
Catherine Ritter (CH), doctor, employee BAG Public Health Section
Milan Scheidegger (CH), doctor, research with psychedelics
Juraj Styk (CH / CZE), specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, LSD therapy in the 60s and 90s
Franz X. Vollenweider (CH), psychotherapist and consciousness researcher, founder of Heffter Research Center Zurich, Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich
Lucius Werthmüller (CH), consciousness researcher, biographer of Albert Hofmann, president of the Gaia Media Foundation

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